Unsung Heroes

Feb 17, 2021

Caring for people causes us to go out on a limb – Caregivers  are charged with performing tasks above and beyond what they’ve been formerly trained to do. They’re asked to look at and touch body parts of a loved one that they never dreamt they’d be asked to look at or touch. They’re asked to use medical equipment that only specially trained health care professionals use. Some tasks I’ve seen people perform are daunting to even trained professionals. They’re scared. They’re afraid they may cause harm to those they love –  make a dreadful mistake. Yet time and time again I’ve seen people swallow their fear and rise to the noble task of caregiving.

My hat’s off to all the unsung heroes out there. You may not receive proper recognition, or even appreciation from those you care for; but on behalf of all that’s never spoken – Thank you.


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