Safety & Homecare Service Coordination

Complete in-home Needs Assessment. Research and interview home care companies. Be present for agency-patient/family interview. Provide 4 week follow-up program.

Discharge Planning

Review Discharge Instructions with hospital staff and patient. Coordinate new medications, homecare services, follow-up doctors appointments, and installation of medical equipment in home.

Doctors Appointments

Written prioritization of questions and concerns to discuss at doctors’ appointments. Professional, knowledge-based assistance when speaking to doctors and interpreting their replies.

Inpatient Hospital Advocacy

Coordinate hospital care to make sure patient’s needs are met. Talk with hospital staff to coordinate care, tests and treatments. Act as liaison between patient, doctors and family to enhance communication and patient outcomes.

Medication Management

Review of all prescription medications, over-the-counter medications and supplements to identify possible negative interactions and over-medication scenarios.

Wingman Program

Provide respite for primary caregiver. Become familiar with patient’s plan of care and care team. Visit patient at home or in facility on a regular basis, to be able to replace primary caregiver in the event of illness or unavailability.

Monthly Wellness Program

Periodic check-in calls to address questions, concerns, safety issues. Monthly medication reviews. Monthly educational visits covering topics such as nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, health status and more.

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What People Are Saying About Navita Health Advocates

“Cathy Abreu and Navita Health Advocates are a godsend during my husband’s struggle with early-onset Alzheimer’s and Type 1 Diabetes.”

Jean Anne S.

“Catherine has been truly wonderful and so professional and kind regarding all my medical needs. Extremely responsive when answering questions and concerns and staying abreast to any changes or updates as they would occur. Without hesitation, I would recommend Catherine to be a healthcare advocate for any other family member or friend.”

Jonathan K.

“Navita Health Advocates helped me maintain peace of mind during a very overwhelming experience. With Cathy from Navita by my side the next time I was hospitalized, I felt much more taken care of.”

Marie K.

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