Health Education Services

Are you having trouble making healthy habits stick?

Do you question what’s holding you back from a higher level of health and well being?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, teaming up with a Health Educator will be a life-changer!

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness, Navita’s Health Education services zero in on your unique strengths and helps you engage to create a highly personalized plan for achieving your health goals.

Starting with an in-depth Wellness Assessment based on holistic health and wellness, information and education is provided to you in areas that meet your needs and align with your health goals. Using a ‘big-picture’ concept, we take factors such as your career, relationships and other key elements of your lifestyle into account as we work with you to achieve greater health.

If you are struggling to make the changes your health care team recommends, we can provide more in-depth and individualized guidance than what is typically available from your doctor. We help our clients implement doctor-recommended changes to their diet and lifestyle; helping them change their habits to better control many chronic conditions.

Our model is unique in that we invite you into the center of your healing. We understand that everyone faces unique challenges when it comes to staying healthy.

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Initial Wellness Assessment


The Wellness Assessment is a two-step process. The first is a 60 minute interview to take an in-depth look at where you are now, the goals you have and the challenges you face. At our second meeting, we’ll provide a clear and simple explanation of body systems and their relationship to the body as a whole. A full report of your assessment will be provided to you and you’ll be encouraged to consider and prioritize areas of your health where you’d like to make change.

One-Hour Private Session


Private sessions are designed to facilitate your understanding and ownership of the cause and effect of health and disease. We’ll work to ‘connect the dots’ for you, so you understand the why and how of your health concerns and can make informed decisions to direct change in areas that matter to you. Our approach emphasizes sustainable change by making small, incremental adjustments to your lifestyle, with your unique strengths, values and priorities at the center of the plan.

Initial Wellness Assessment + 2 One-Hour Sessions

$475 (Save $25!)

3-Pack of One-Hour Private Sessions

$275 (save $25!)

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What People Are Saying About Navita Health Advocates

“Cathy Abreu and Navita Health Advocates are a godsend during my husband’s struggle with early-onset Alzheimer’s and Type 1 Diabetes.”

Jean Anne S.

“Catherine has been truly wonderful and so professional and kind regarding all my medical needs. Extremely responsive when answering questions and concerns and staying abreast to any changes or updates as they would occur. Without hesitation, I would recommend Catherine to be a healthcare advocate for any other family member or friend.”

Jonathan K.

“Navita Health Advocates helped me maintain peace of mind during a very overwhelming experience. With Cathy from Navita by my side the next time I was hospitalized, I felt much more taken care of.”

Marie K.

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