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Continually iterate flexible quality vectors before out-of-the-box “outside the box” thinking. Distinctively reintermediate market.

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What People Are Saying About Navita Health Advocates

“Cathy Abreu and Navita Health Advocates are a godsend during my husband’s struggle with early-onset Alzheimer’s and Type 1 Diabetes.”

Jean Anne S.October 2018

“Catherine has been truly wonderful and so professional and kind regarding all my medical needs. Extremely responsive when answering questions and concerns and staying abreast to any changes or updates as they would occur. Without hesitation, I would recommend Catherine to be a healthcare advocate for any other family member or friend.”

Jonathan K.July 2018

“Navita Health Advocates helped me maintain peace of mind during a very overwhelming experience. With Cathy from Navita by my side the next time I was hospitalized, I felt much more taken care of.”

Marie K.March 2017

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